How it works

Participating in BioLinX brokerage events:

  1. Register for the BioLinX brokerage event.
  2. Describe your organisation, offers and requests to it´s best.
  3. Specify times when you are available for meetings.
  4. Use the BioLinX search engine to identify suitable meeting partners.
  5. Send meeting requests 4 weeks in advance of the event.
    • Receive meeting requests from other participants.
    • Accept or decline meeting requests with just a click.

Course of BioLinX online meetings:

  1. Once an appointment has been scheduled, the BioLinX alert function informs the meeting partners of the meeting time.
  2. A few days before the BioLinX Brokerage starts we will email your personal meeting schedule with the names of your meeting partners and other details
  3. Please be in time for your meetings and don`t let your meeting partner wait.

We wish you good luck and helpful new contacts.


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